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The rise of innovative roofs

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The rise of innovative roofs

The growing interest in eco-responsible renovation projects in the North American market is manifest. Individuals are more concerned about the environmental impact of their daily choices. This concern inevitably gets transposed when it comes to choosing materials for major work in your home. Many companies see the opportunity to innovate in a booming market.

Roofs with solar shingles
Wouldn’t it be great to tap solar energy right at home to reduce energy consumption! Many organizations and scientists are focusing their attention on the possibility of integrating solar panels into roofs. Recently, Tesla, the electric car industry giant, announced that it would be launching its “Solar Roof” shingles.
Tesla’s solar roof will surely be popular in California, where the company has presented the product, but with the many snowfalls in Quebec, a solar roof is not viable for all four seasons. Therefore, there is some doubt as to whether a solar roof makes sense in terms of durability and efficiency in Quebec where winter conditions can be harsh. It will be interesting to confirm or disprove this hypothesis, when Elon Musk’s product is officially released on the market.

The DECRA steel tile option

In Quebec, households looking for durable roofing can choose DECRA steel roof tiles. A sound compromise between durability, quality and eco-responsibility, DECRA tiles are well adapted to our province’s harsh climate. These tiles are made of aluminum and zinc and are covered with granulated, ceramic-coated stone fixed by a polymer layer. This type of roof is guaranteed for 50 years but has a lifespan that can extend more than 100 years. Also, DECRA stone-clad steel roof tiles are recyclable, which reduces their environmental impact.

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