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Roof renovation in 2021: everything you need to know about grants

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Re-roofing or renovating your roof is a major but necessary investment to ensure your roof’s longevity. Carrying out some work can also prevent larger-scale problems that could further damage your roof or even your home.

Why should I renovate my roof?

Your roof can become damaged over time. Quebec’s weather and climate are tough on your roof. A roof in poor condition can not only cause you significant problems, but it can also become dangerous for the home or building’s inhabitants.

A damaged roof can cause a range of problems, such as water or moisture infiltration, leading to fungus and mould growth in the attic. Small animal and insect infiltrations are also possible. These unwanted visitors can cause damage to your roof and home.

Not renovating a roof can also increase your energy costs. If the roof is poorly insulated, you’ll have to heat or cool your home more to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature. Energy lost udue to poor insulation will result in higher electricity bills.

Finally, a roof in bad condition due to multiple issues is a hazard and could collapse without warning. Such a collapse would not only cause damage to your property and belongings but could injure people in the house.

Grants to finance your roof renovations

While it can be expensive to renovate your roof, several government grants and programs exist for which you may be eligible. Here are a few:


Rénoclimat is an energy efficiency program offered by the Quebec government. Its goal is to encourage renovation work aimed at making a residential home more energy efficient. Some roofing renovations are eligible for this program.

When you undertake roof insulation work, Rénoclimat offers a grant of $35 to $975. Eligible persons are owners of single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, or apartment buildings with three floors or less and a surface area of 600 square metres or less. Moreover, the dwelling must be habitable year-round and have been built at least one year ago.


RénoRégion is a grant program for owners of rural dwellings valued at up to $115,000 that provides funding for up to 95% of the cost of renovations to the home, to a maximum of $12,000.

Eligible renovations are at least $2,000 and are intended to correct major problems on the property, including the roof. Eligible persons live in a municipality with a population of less than 15,000 or live in the Gaspé and Magdalen Islands region.

Green Home program

To be eligible for a Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Green Home program grant, homeowners must obtain an energy evaluation of their home by Natural Resources Canada before and after the renovation.

The amount of the grant will depend on the reduction in the property’s energy consumption and offer a 15% to 25% discount on the value of the work carried out.

Municipal aid for your roof renovation

In addition to government grants, you may also be entitled to municipal financial support.

For instance, Quebec City offers a grant program for roof renovations in the Charlesbourg, Sillery, Beauport and Quebec City historic districts. Financial assistance can be up to $40,000 per eligible dwelling or up to 50% of the cost of the work.

Many other cities in the province offer financial assistance to homeowners looking to renovate their roofs. For more information, check with your municipality to find out about programs you may be eligible for.