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Insulate your roof and benefit

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Has winter been tough on your snow- and ice-covered roof? To solve these snow and ice problems for next winter, plan to have your roof insulated. By entering into an agreement before April 1, 2017, you’ll also benefit from the RénoVert tax credit and get a refund of up to $10,000.
Consider the following information before starting your renovations.
In addition to solving snow and ice accumulation problems, insulating your roof will greatly reduce your electricity bill since your home will be well tempered. By insulating your roof, you’ll reduce both heating and cooling costs!!
It’s important to know that the tax credit covers 20% of the cost of renovations, leaving aside the first $2,500. For example, if your renovations cost $10,000, you’ll receive 20% of $7,500, or $1,500.

Eco-responsible aims

The RénoVert tax credit was introduced to encourage owners and co-owners to undertake eco-responsible renovations to increase the energy efficiency of their residential building. The work, carried out by a recognized and certified contractor, must be done before September 30, 2017. The materials used for the insulation of your roof must be GREENGUARD or EcoLogo certified.
In addition to insulating your roof, other types of projects are also eligible. These include improving your home’s insulation, replacing its heating system or installing new doors and windows or a new water heater.
For owners or tenants
Work must be done on a property on which construction ended before January 1, 2016. The work can be carried out on a single detached, manufactured or installed mobile home, as well as on a condominium-type apartment, a multi-unit residential building or a four-season cottage.
To obtain a refund, owners and co-owners must attach the RénoVert tax credit form to their tax return for the year 2017.
Contact Toiture Future for an analysis of the premises. You’ll get insulation that’s adapted to the age, size and complexity of your home.