• Choose Decra coating for a durable roof

    By toit on 13 August 2021

    Your roof is an essential part of your home. It needs to be in good condition to avoid water leaks or seepage, rodent or vermin infestation, or fungi and mould growth. A roof that’s in poor condition needs to be renovated quickly. In most cases, opting for a more expensive yet more durable roofing system is the best option for

  • Roof renovation in 2021: everything you need to know about grants

    By toit on 13 August 2021

    Re-roofing or renovating your roof is a major but necessary investment to ensure your roof’s longevity. Carrying out some work can also prevent larger-scale problems that could further damage your roof or even your home. Why should I renovate my roof? Your roof can become damaged over time. Quebec’s weather and climate are tough on your roof. A roof in

  • When is the best time to replace your roof?

    By toit on 25 March 2020

    If you’ve noticed signs of aging on your roof, such as shingles lifting, bare patches or cracked shingles, it’s time to think about replacement. Be aware that if you neglect your roof, insurance companies may deny a claim in case of damage.   So it’s important not to put off replacement for too long as this could jeopardize the structure

  • The advantages and disadvantages of opting for a steel roof

    By toit on 16 October 2019

    More and more, steel is a popular alternative when it comes to choosing a roofing material. Selecting option often requires careful consideration, given that it can be more expensive and represents a long-term investment. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages that could help you choose the right type of roof for your needs.   The advantages 1. Steel

  • Roof renovation costs

    By toit on 16 October 2019

    Renovating your roof isn’t a job to be taken lightly. Roof repair can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $200,000 depending on the roof’s slope and surface area and the materials used. Calling on the services of an expert is a must to assess the overall condition of your home.    Factors that can increase costs The inspection  Hands down, an